Sunday, June 27, 2021

Look Up: The Medicinal Trees of the American South, An Herbalist's Guide

Look Up: The Medicinal Trees of the American South, An Herbalist's Guide is an important new book. When most people think of herbs, they think of little green plants - the herbaceous plants - or culinary herbs. Unfortunately, that is also true of most herbalists. It seems we "can't see the forest for the trees." The truth is that most trees are among our most powerful and useful medicinal plants! When you consider that trees many be found in every yard, park or public greenspace, the convenience of trees as medicine becomes profound. This is especially true in First Aid situations. If the herb needed to help stop bleeding or diarrhea, ease menstrual cramps or muscle pain, reduce fever, soothe a sore throat or calm a cough is literally the tree over your head, this is much more convenient and practical than foraging for small plants or ordering an exotic tincture. Judson Carroll, a Master Herbalist in the Appalachian and German Folk Medicine traditions presents this first of its kind work on the trees that grow in the American south-east, a region his family has called home for more than 400 years! This a comprehensive guide to trees and their herbal use and, most of these trees can be found anywhere in the world. In this book, he presents the trees we see all around us and documents their medicinal use in over 2,000 years of herbal writing. He believe fully that God has given humanity everything necessary for our health, but "My people perish for lack of knowledge." This easy to read and informative book seeks to correct that tragedy.


Also available in print on Amazon: The Medicinal Trees of the American South, An Herbalist's Guide: Look Up: Carroll, Judson: 9781005082932: Books


  1. Do you have this book and your new book in paperback?

    1. The paperbacks are available on amazon: and


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