Tuesday, March 8, 2022

The Encyclopedia of Bitter Medicina Herbs, a new book by Judson Carroll

This book explores in depth, the history and use of 75 bitter, medicinal herbs.

Many medicinal herbs have bitter qualities and are among the most ancient herbs used and documented in human history. After discovering that many of the herbs were useful both to aid digestion and to help manage my asthma, I began on the path to making my own digestive and cocktail bitters. That began a series of articles and a great deal of historical research, eventually leading to this book.

The use of Bitter herbs dates back far beyond written history. They were used in ancient Egypt, found among medicinal herbs dating to as far as 60,000 years ago, used in every culture Although not mentioned as being combined with alcohol (except for a symbolic reference to Wormwood, and the mixture of Myrrh and gall in wine given to those who were about to be crucified, as a sedative) bitter herbs are mentioned prominently in the Bible, such as in the Passover Feast. It may be assumed that the digestive benefits of bitter herbs were recognized, beyond their symbolic value.

That leads us to Theriac. Many herbalists and historians point to Theriac as the first documented use of medicinal bitters in European literature... bitters have centuries old use in Chinese medicine. However, Theriac bears little resemblance to Digestive Bitters. Theriac was intended to be a universal defense against poisoning.

From there, the history and potent medicinal value of these herbs only becomes more fascinating! In this book, you will learn and out the Great Swedish Bitters, read the advice of Saints and alchemists, beer brewers and mixologists. But most importantly, you will learn how these powerful herbs may improve your health and make both meals and beverages more enjoyable.

The paperback book is available on Amazon:  The Encyclopedia of Bitter Medicinal Herbs: Carroll, Judson: 9798428697674: Amazon.com: Books 

The e-Book is available now in .pdf for $9.99

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